Astronomical Center of Pedraforca

The Pedraforca Astronomical Center is committed to the dissemination and discovery of the cosmos. It has two telescopes (astronomical and solar) and a state-of-the-art digital planetarium.
The aim is to offer different activities of discovery of the cosmos for all types of public (families, schools, institutes) and that these become experiences that help us to know a little more ... part of the cosmos.
It also wants to offer conferences and training courses in astronomy for teaching professionals

Discovery of the cosmos

Discovery experience of the cosmos that combines science and mythology.

A digital planetarium session will take us universe inside, we will know the objects that are hidden in the intimacy of the deep sky. Next, with the telescope we will have the opportunity to observe them live. Finally, well and enjoying the Saldes night sky show, we will identify constellations with the help of a laser and explain some of its legends.